ANLAN V-Face Lifting Face Care Slimming Machine

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Do not apply excessive force during installation. It may cause damage to the belt button.
Turn power off during installation.
1. Align the button of the belt with the button on the device, and insert the button. (assemble)
2. Press the belt button and tighten the belt. (disassemble)


Product Name: V-Face Lifting Machine
Controller Dimensions: approx.30*70 *15mm
Product Size: 177.8*106.3* 49mm
Belt Length: about 400mm
Weight: about 148g
Strength Levels: 6 levels
Modes: 6 modes
Mode Timer: about 15 minutes
Temperature: about 40℃
Battery: 750mAh
Material: ABS
Charging Time: about 3 hours
Accessories: instruction manual, charging cable, controller


1. Obvious Effect: using EMS micro-current technology, massage and stimulate facial muscles, burn fat at a temperature of 40℃, and lift the skin through magnetic therapy.
2. EMS Micro Current: stimulate ATR Production and human subcutaneous tissue, improve facial muscle fiber elasticity, activate collagen activity, firm skin.
3. Red/Blue Light Therapy:
Red light(625nm): Stimulate collagen production, enhance skin elasticity, improve cell activity, promote blood circulation, anti-aging.
Blue light(470nm): Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, balance oil, lighten spots and shrink pores.
4. 40°C Hyperthermia: constant temperature physical therapy to burn fat.
5. Vibration Massage: 2500 times/min high frequency vibration stimulates the muscles of cheeksand chin. Vibration promotes beauty lotion to deep into skin quickly. Improve blood circulation and activate skin cells.

Package Including:

1 x V-Face Lifting Device
1 x Instruction manual
1 x Charging cable
1 x Remote Controller