Anlan Black Head Remover

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Adjustable Suction Intensity

LCD Display

Hot&Cold Compress

USB Rechargeable

Cool & Hot Double Treatment

--The hot compress function can opens the pores quickly and accelerates the elimination of dirt,promote skin blood circulation and skin absorption of the nutrients.

--The cold compress will shrinks the pores after using the machine, soothing the cleansed skin. Also it works well against skin oil secretion, which prevents the acne and blackhead appears again.

How to Use:

Step 1

Turn on the machine and choose the“Hot mode button”to use the hot compress to open your pores about 5 minutes.

Step 2

Clean the face. Pour some black export liquid on a cotton pads, apply it on your nose.

Step 3

Choose the proper level and close to your face to remove blackheads, Short and fast shots and repel blackheads horizontally. Use 5~10 minutes one time. (Note: first time don't put too much strength and don't stay in one place more than 3 seconds)

Step 4

Choose “cool mode button”, the cool compress on your face about 3 minutes to shrink the pores.

Step 5

Apply some skin care products like facial mask for better effect.

Package included

1* Blackhead remover

3 * Replaceable Beauty Heads

1 * Bag

1 * USB Charging Cable

1 * User manual (English)