5D Smart Airbag Vibration Eye Massager

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1. The smart airbag restores manual kneading, and exercises the cones at the same time for your acupoint massage 2. Multi-frequency vibration, stimulate the eyes and fight fine lines 3. Constant temperature hot compress massage, refuse eye puffiness, deep absorption, as comfortable as applying a hot towel 4. Five massage modes (comprehensive mode, clear mode, sleep mode, vitality mode, comfort mode) suitable for various occasions 5. Comes with relaxing music to relax your whole body, and Bluetooth function, you can hear your favorite music 6. Exclusive design for bending adjustment on both sides, with elastic inner and outer adjustment, more fit the face and make you more comfortable 7. Type-C interface charging, laptop power bank can also be charged, can be charged anytime, anywhere, long battery life 8. Easy to carry, can be easily put in the bag, can be used anytime, anywhere

Product Information

Massage modes: five Charging interface: Type-C Massage time: 15 minutes Battery capacity: 1200mAh Body material: high quality ABS + skin protein Product size: 202*105*82mm

The eye massager that focuses on beauty and health can bring solutions to people who overuse eyes such as poor sleep quality and long working hours.